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Kneel Before the Werewolf Queen

Genres: Romance, Werewolf, Royalty

4.9, 2.2K ratings

📢 Dumped by her Alpha Mate, the weak Ciara was then cast out of the pack. However, hatred awakened the Giant Wolf dormant inside her, and now it's time for them to kneel before the Werewolf Queen!

Ciara puttered around this large ballroom which was hosting the Luna Ceremony tonight. Most parts of the ceilings were covered by crystal chandeliers that shone brightly, making the room bathe in warm yellow light. Fresh flowers decorated the white fluted columns, filling the air with perfume.

"They made it a grand ceremony. Now I'm curious to know about the new Luna.” She proceeded forward to the center.

Strange feelings suddenly came over Ciara, pushing her to look back. Even her wolf stirred to life and kept howling in her mind.

Her gaze strayed to the man standing behind, whose hands entwined with the hands of another woman.

The moment their eyes met, they muttered almost at the same time, "Mate.” Ciara recognized the man, their new Alpha, Lowen Davis, who was going to have someone else as his Luna tonight...

Pain haunted Ciara deep inside as if her heart was forcibly squeezed, but she showed nothing abnormal in the look.

Ciara soon regained her composure, her eyes growing colder. Then she had no hesitation in turning around to leave this damned place.

Though Lowen hadn't yet recovered from shock, his instinct told him to chase his mate, and he did so.

"Ciara, please wait! You are my mate. How can you leave me and go?" Lowen asked desperately. He was just as surprised as the rest of them, but for him what mattered most was the mate pull he felt towards her at the moment.

💖Due to the word limit, we can only display here ~ install [Eve Novel] APP and search title "Kneel Before the Werewolf Queen" immediately and continue to see more wonderful content...

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