How to Download Music (New Guide 2023)

Last updated: 2023-06-12

Most of music streaming services are free for online listening, but most people opt to download music for offline listening.

Downloaded music means it’s always available whether you’re online or not. This works great when you’re traveling or where you might not have access to WiFi.

But exactly how to download music?

We figure out a couple of ways to download music, which include both premium and free options.

We’ll walk you through every method, and show you how to download music in details.

Method 1 - Premium music streaming sites

Trending music streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Amazon Music are loved by young generations.

best music streaming sites

Here’s a general overview of how they compare:

Website Highlights
Spotify All-around service to make and share music playlist
Apple Music Top choice for Apple users to stream music
Google Play Music Seamlessly integrates personal collection with streaming catalog
Amazon Music Best for Amazon Prime members to save bucks

With these music streaming sites, it’s unbelievably easy to discover cutting-edge music, as well as legally download music to listen offline. The only precondition is that you have to subscribe to the Premium service.

If you have Premium, just sign in to your account, and then you can add or download music to listen offline. We’ve curated the detailed music download guide of each subscription-based service as follows.

Any music you’ve downloaded will be available for offline playback as long as your subscription is active. It’s important to maintain a Premium subscription to keep your music downloaded. Please note that signing out of your Premium account will remove downloaded music from your device.

Method 2 - Free music download sites

Music streaming site is arguably the best way to download music. What if I don’t have budget? Though every subscription-based service has offered best discount, it could still cost a lot of money.

If you don’t want to cost a penny, well, here comes the free music download site.

There are a variety of similar websites for downloading music online, but we’d like to recommend our online music downloader - DoremiZone.


First of all, it’s easy to download ANY music you like with DoremiZone, because it supports over 1000 sites for MP3 music download. Second, it’s totally FREE & SAFE to download music without virus. Third, you can either download music to phone or computer with DoremiZone. Simply use a browser, open a new tab and go to

Go to

Now, check the 3-step music download instruction below.

How to download music for free?

  1. Enter a song or music video link, and click on Search icon.

    Enter a song name

  2. Play the music in the search result to make sure it’s what you’re looking for.

    Preview the music

  3. Click on Download button and select MP3 format to download.

    Download music as MP3 format

Method 3 - Music download app

You may be happy with the online music download sites. Indeed, we prefer music download app for more stable music downloads. No matter desktop or mobile apps, they perform much better than the online music download sites.

The DoremiZone mentioned above has launched a free music app of the same name. The DoremiZone app allows you to download music for free, as well as discover new music. The app is available for Android, Mac, and Windows, which means you can access free music download on all of your devices. Once you download music to phone or computer, you can listen to it offline. When you don’t have an Internet connection, the great advantage of DoremiZone will emerge.

Download for winDownload for macDownload for android

Next, we’ll show you how to download music to your phone with DoremiZone app. Before getting started, make sure you’ve installed DoremiZone app on your Android phone.

How to download music on Android?

  1. Open the DoremiZone app on your phone.

    Open DoremiZone app

  2. Search for singers, albums, playlists, and lyrics to find the song you want to download.

    Search for music

  3. Tap Download button and choose an audio format to start download progress.

    Choose a format to download music

You can follow the same steps to download music to your computer.

While you’re reading here, you must have learned how to download music to your phone and computer for FREE.

From now on, you don’t need to worry about mobile data charge or Internet connection. Just relax and enjoy music any time you’re in the mood.

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