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Batch download Facebook videos by pasting multiple URLs.
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How to Download Facebook video?

It's not a hard problem if you use DoremiZone Facebook Video downloader. In just 3 steps, you can save Facebook videos to your device with ease.

1. Copy the Facebook video URL by clicking the ellipsis in the top right corner of the post.

2. Paste the video link into DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader's search box. Hit Enter key to start the search.

3. The Facebook video will appear on the result page and then click the Download button. The video will be opened in a new tab. Click the bottom right corner to download it.

Popular Free Online Video Downloaders

Best Facebook Video Downloader

The best Facebook video downloader should save video from Facebook fast and safely and should not request complicated operations. Let's see how DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader could provide for you:

Facebook to MP4

On the result page, you can choose the video format before you start the download. DoremiZone doesn't need the extra process to convert Facebook to MP4.

Download Facebook Live Videos

DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader could also download Facebook live video. When you watch someone doing live streaming on Facebook, you can react to the live streamer in real time. After the live ends, please copy the Facebook live video link, and then DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader will help you save it offline.

Save Video from Facebook Messenger

Messenger is the built-in instant chat tool of Facebook. You can share text, pictures, GIFs, music, and videos with your Facebook friends. When you receive an interesting video from others in Messenger, you can download it for offline viewing. Just copy the video link from the message you got, and then paste it into DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader.

Download Private Facebook Video

DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader can help you download a private Facebook video. Facebook requires access to the private videos. Make sure you’re signed in with your FB account and can watch the private video online.

Why Should You Trust DoremiZone?

Easy Steps, Fast Speed

DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader requires only 3 steps to save Facebook video. Copy and paste the Facebook video URL, choose the download format, and finally click the Download button. The Facebook video will be saved to your local folder in just a few seconds.

Different Platforms

You can visit DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader via browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. That is to say, you can download Facebook videos on any device that has a browser, no matter it's on Windows, macOS, or Android.

Ads-free with Safety Guaranteed

You will not see any commercials, redirects, malware on the DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader page. Our site was certified by McAfee and Norton. It is safe and reliable.

HD Facebook Video Downloader

To download Facebook videos 1080p, you can get the DoremiZone Video Downloader Pro installed on your device. It could rip Facebook video in the highest available quality.

By pasting a Facebook video URL into the search box, you can download videos from Facebook with your eyes shut. You can download more than one Facebook videos in one go by pasting multiple URLs into the search box.

Besides Facebook, DoremiZone Video Downloader Pro supports 700 more websites.

Install DoremiZone Video Downloader Pro to your Windows, Mac, and Android device, and then all your future download needs could be satisfied!

  • for Windows 11/10/8/7
  • for macOS 10.15+
  • for Android

FAQs about Facebook Video Downloader Online

1. How can I download a Facebook video?

It's not difficult at all if you download Facebook videos with DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader. Only 3 steps are needed:

1. Copy the Facebook video URL from the website.

2. Use your browser to visit DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader, paste the link into its search bar, and click the magnifying icon to start parsing.

3. Select the video download option on the result page, and then click the Download button.

2. How do I download a private video from Facebook?

To download private Facebook videos, you will need to get access to play the video. If a public page posted the video initially, you can download it directly by copying and pasting it into DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader.

If not, you can also download it by viewing its page source.

3. How to save Facebook videos to iPhone?

You will need help from DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader and Documents by Readdle (a file manager app.)

Visit DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader using the Documents built-in browser. The download process is nothing special, but you need to choose Share > Save Video after the download task is finished.

Also, you can use DoremiZone Video Downloader Pro to rip Facebook videos on your Mac.

4. Which is the best FB Video Downloader?

DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader should be the correct answer to this question. It's powerful but easy to use. DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader can download Facebook live videos, videos you received in Messenger, videos posted on Facebook in MP4 format. No installation is needed.

5. Is DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader safe?

Yes. DoremiZone Facebook Video Downloader was certified by MacAfee and Norton. There are no ads, redirects, and malware on our website. All the Facebook video downloads are anonymous. You can rest assured to use it.

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