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How to Download Twitter GIF?

The whole social media universe is full of GIFs.

If you visit Twitter frequently, do you have the urge to save a GIF for your collection immediately?

To save GIF from the Twitter feed, you need a downloader to download and save it on your phone or PC.

DoremiZone Twitter GIF Downloader is here to help you save GIFs from Twitter. Take a look at the steps:

1. Copy a GIF link from Twitter.

2. Insert the GIF link into the search bar above. Hit Enter to get the search result.

3. Click the Download button to download GIF from Twitter.

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Best Twitter GIF Downloader

DoremiZone Twitter GIF Downloader gives you more of everything you need about Twitter GIF download. Download Twitter GIF and video in any web browser. Share your favorite Twitter GIFs after you have downloaded them on DoremiZone.

Now, discover the features you’ll love on DoremiZone.

100% Safe and Ad-Free

DoremiZone is recognized by many renowned software and tech news giants like,, and

No Registration

You don't have to register to use this Twitter GIF Downloader. This is convenient for anybody concerned about privacy.

Work with Any Web Browser

DoremiZone Twitter GIF Downloader is compatible with any popular browsers, including Google Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. It processes all downloads speedily and smoothly.

Download Videos from Twitter and 1,000+ Sites

If you want to…

• Download high-resolution GIF and video

• Download GIF and video from Twitter and 1,000+ sites

• Batch download videos

Don’t hesitate. Let’s turn to DoremiZone Video Downloader. DoremiZone Video Downloader is an enhanced video downloader that supports not only Twitter GIF download, but 1,000+ popular video hosting sites.

  • for Windows 11/10/8/7
  • for macOS 10.15+
  • for Android

FAQs about Twitter GIF Downloader

1. How to save a GIF from Twitter online?

DoremiZone online Twitter GIF downloader is compatible with almost any browser. Open it on your browser, and then follow my steps.

1. Find the GIF you want to download and copy the tweet link from Twitter.

2. On the browser, open DoremiZone Twitter GIF Downloader and paste the GIF URL to the text field.

3. Press the Download button.

2. How to Download GIF from Twitter on iPhone?

To save Twitter GIF on iPhone, you just need DoremiZone Twitter GIF Downloader. Now, follow my steps below:

1. Find your favorite Twitter GIF or video and copy the link.

2. Visit DoremiZone Twitter GIF Downloader.

3. Paste the URL in the search bar.

4. Tap Download to download GIF from Twitter.

3. Can you download Twitter GIF on Android?

Yes, you can download Twitter GIF directly on Android with DoremiZone Video Downloader.

1. Launch DoremiZone Video Downloader, and you can find Twitter icon on the top section of Supported Sites.

2. Log in to Twitter on DoremiZone Video Downloader.

3. Enter into the thread you are interested in and then preview the GIF.

4. Hit the Download button on the bottom of the interface.

4. What is the best Twitter GIF Downloader?

My favorite GIF downloader is DoremiZone - the professional software to download GIFs and videos from Twitter safely and quickly. All you need to do is copy the link to the Twitter GIF Downloader.

I never spend time fixing DoremiZone glitches since it works well all the time. DoremiZone GIF Downloader also supports downloading videos from Facebook, Instagram, and other 250+ sites.

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