8 Best SoundCloud Alternatives [2024 Newest List]

Last updated: Feb 21, 2024

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Doremi Music Downloader

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SoundCloud Alternative

SoundCloud is famous as an open and free platform for individual musicians to share their works directly to audiences. Anyone can upload anything on this music site, without a middleman gaining profit from it, there are always some people who would like to listen to the new music.

Of course, SoundCloud has suffered from several crises since it was built in 2007. It’s hard to keep a website moving forward aimd financial troubles. SoundCloud has narrowly escaped shutdown by receiving emergency funding.

Due to the uncertainty of SoundCloud’s operation performance, both individual musicians and audiences may need to find a backup plan. In today’s article, I’ve selected 8 reliable sites like SoundCloud that could be SoundCloud alternatives when it’s no longer available. Besides that, you can get the best way to download SoundCloud instantly.

Part 1. Top 8 Sites like SoundCloud

1. Audiomack


Audiomack has a sort of reputation among musicians and listeners. It’s a music-sharing platform that looks just like SoundCloud. If you are familiar with SoundCloud, you will not have any problem using Audiomack. Previously, Audiomack was regarded as a hip-pop platform that many musicians and rappers post their beats on it. But nowadays, Audiomack has all kinds of different original music. What’s more, Audiomack has no premium accounts. All the users can upload and enjoy music on this site for free.

2. Jamendo


Jamendo is also a free music platform that was established in 2005. The goal of Jamendo is to provide a place for global musicians and their audiences to share and enjoy music. Jamendo allows musicians to gain revenue from selling their music works, but still offers free music for users’ personal use. Musicians can also earn money by authorizing the use of background music and other commercial purposes via the Jamendo Licensing. A single-track license starts at $9.99.

3. YouTube Music

YouTube Music

After Google Play Music was closed, YouTube Music becomes the replacement. YouTube is no longer just a video platform. Thanks to the large user base, musicians who upload their music on YouTube have greater opportunities to reach more audiences. Many famous rappers use the beat they found on YouTube to make new songs. In this way, YouTube provides a potential chance for individual musicians to collaborate with famous artists.

Videos only? Not at all. You can use a still image as your “video”, and the music will be the content that audiences focus on.



TIDAL is expensive, but it provides the perfect high-quality music experience. Compared to other music operators, TIDAL has 1,411kbps bit rates for streaming service, which is much higher than the common 320kbps quality. In fact, TIDAL pays artists more. According to TIDAL’s 2018 report, 2/3 of its profit was paid to artists. If you regard music quality as an important criterion and don’t want pour most of your money to go to music operators, TIDAL is the right choice for you.

5. Hearthis


Hearthis allows users to transfer their SoundCloud profile easily. That is to say, Hearthis is well prepared for SoundCloud users’ move-in. Besides the profile, feed, like and share functions, Hearthis has the Group feature that SoundCloud used to have but has already been removed now. Moreover, the Maps function connects music lovers in the same area much closer. These social features help Hearthis become more competitive among all the music-sharing websites.

Just like SoundCloud, Hearthis gives more opportunities to musicians and audience by cutting off music operators between them.

6. Mixcloud


Mixcloud may be the most different one on this list. It’s a website that tends to serve DJs and broadcasters more than independent musicians. Indeed, Mixcloud has no limit for users to upload tracks, but you are not able to drop a whole album in one go. The only way to upload music is to do it one by one. It takes time and it’s unfriendly to both musicians and audiences. Users will find the music they want by searching for the artists’ names via the built-in search engine. Mixcloud is suitable for talk show hosts and DJs, but may not be a perfect option for individual musicians.                                                                                                            

7. Audius


Audius is a brand new music site like SoundCloud. It provides most of the basic functions that SoundCloud has. With a beautiful and well-designed landing page, Audius is attractive enough for new users. You can explore music in many ways, from your home page feed, searching results, or the recommendation based on your taste. However, Audius has fewer users than other sites like SoundCloud. Thus, the music you can search for is also less than other big music-sharing platforms. Luckily, Audius is free. It’s still promising that more users could join this music community.

8. Spotify


Spotify is famous – whether you are using what device, Spotify is available for streaming. It has websites, desktop applications, Android, and iPhone app. Plenty of famous singers release their new tracks on Spotify. If you want to quit shuffle mode, you need to buy the premium plan. As for music operators, it’s not doubtful that Spotify is a tycoon. The rich library will satisfy your music needs, however, it has less living space for unknown artists. 

Part 2. How to Download SoundCloud Songs?

DoremiZone Music Downloader

While you can turn to SoundCloud alternatives, the more straightforward method to avoid lose your music collection on SoundCloud is to download all of them to your local device. So, you need a powerful and practical music downloader to help you out.

I’d like to recommend DoremiZone Music Downloader. It can help you save the SoundCloud songs to your local folder within a few steps. What’s more, it’s not a downloader that can only download SoundCloud songs. DoremiZone Music Downloader supports music downloads from 1,000+ sites. All you need to do is copy and paste the music URL into its search box and then click Download. You will be able to download the music in several different quality options.

For large music collections, such as playlists, you can use batch download to save them easily.

DoremiZone Music Downloader is pretty safe as well. No ads, no virus, and no malware.


By reading this article, do you find your favored SoundCloud alternative? These sites like SoundCloud also have their unique features. You can make the right choice based on your needs and purposes. For example, if you want a large community to share music, YouTube Music should satisfy you; if you are a DJ, then Mixcloud is the most suitable one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best SoundCloud alternative?

All the SoundCloud alternatives have their strength. For example, Audiomack is more friendly to SoundCloud old users due to its similarity with SoundCloud. YouTube Music will provide huge potential audiences. Audius is brand new and has many possibilities for you to explore. But DoremiZone Music Downloader is the best tool to help you download SoundCloud music quickly and safely.

Is SoundCloud better than Bandcamp?

It depends. The primary goal is different between these two music sites. SoundCloud will help your reach more audiences, while Bandcamp wants to sell your music to more customers. If you are looking for public awareness, SoundCloud is the better choice. But if you want higher income, you should select Bandcamp.