How to Unblock YouTube Videos Easily? [Updated Guide]

Last updated: Jun 08, 2023

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Doremi Video Downloader

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Unblock YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the world. It has lots of videos such as music videos, sports, game walkthroughs, tutorials, lessons, etc. With this website, you can find lots of videos with different content from some famous bloggers.

Also, YouTube is one of the best resources for getting free royalty music used on video editing. You can also find free audio for background music, which you can download with a particular video downloading tool.

Another good thing about YouTube is you can play its videos for free. You can avail of its subscription for you to play videos without ads appearing on your screen.

On the other hand, not all videos you can find on YouTube can play in your country. Some of them are blocked by their uploader due to copyright issues.

That is why we have searched for the best solution on how to unblock YouTube videos and make them playable for you.

We will also tackle why some of the videos from YouTube are blocked and why they are restricted. So, please keep on reading below to know more about this topic.

Part 1. Why Is YouTube Video Blocked?

Unblock YouTube

The reason why the YouTube videos are blocked is because of licensing rights or local legal restrictions. It is because of the new copyright law saying that local legal regulations might affect the internet. Another thing is some of the country’s government blocks the video for content censorship.

Since YouTube is open for uploaders to upload their content, they block the footage to protect viewers who are not yet eligible for watching that video. A good example is for kids aged 13 and below. They might overlook some videos that are not appropriate for their age. So, it is a good move for blocking the videos or restrict them so not everyone can view them.

For viewers who want to have those blocked videos, continue reading below to know how to unblock these kinds of YouTube videos.

Part 2. How to Unblock YouTube Videos?

1. Unblock YouTube Video with a VPN


YouTube video blocked in country due to local server policy or censorship. So, to unblock YouTube videos, it is best to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

Virtual Private Network can provide you privacy, security, and identity anonymity on your internet. It makes you a private network across a public network connection, making you a combination of proxy servers. The process of VPN will connect your network on a local network, going through a physical channel and VPN that masks your IP.

With VPN, you can hide the IP address that makes you play a restricted video from YouTube. You can also use VPN to enter a remote website and games. So, if you are from a country that blocks YouTube videos in the US, you can connect on a US server via VPN to make that blocked video viewable.

2. Unblock YouTube Video with Tor


Another way to watch YouTube blocked in the country is by using Tor. It is a web browser that can use numerous relay nodes that hides your IP address. Upon installing this browser on your computer, it gives you the option to configure or adjust your network settings or connects you to a private network that requires a proxy server.

Either way, YouTube will stream its blocked videos as long as it sees your exit node in countries that are not restricted to that video. However, Tor has some disadvantages. It is so slow and is not trustworthy for choosing what country will be your exit node. That being said, YouTube videos will stream slower than their average speed. On the bright side, you can watch blocked videos from YouTube with the Tor browser.

3. Unblock YouTube Video with a Proxy Server


Using Proxy Server to watch blocked videos from YouTube is like using a VPN connection. It can hide your IP address making country-restricted videos playable for you. The difference is that Proxy Servers don’t decrypt your data, which is a risky process of exposing files or information on the web. That is why it is wise to find a browser extension that only uses proxy servers when watching blocked YouTube videos.

4. Unblock YouTube Video Using Google Translate


Supposedly, you don’t want to tweak your IP address via VPN or Proxy Server, and there is a way to watch blocked YouTube videos. You can use Google Translate since it is not blocked, mostly in offices and schools. Google Translate can bypass local websites like blocked YouTube videos and make them streamable for you. All you need is to search for the blocked video in a different language for the search engine to give you foreign results. With this method, your computer will load the video link via Google Translate, unblocking the YouTube video that is blocked on your school or office’s administration. After that, you can select to view the website in your language by pressing the “Translate this page” for a better viewing experience.

5. Unblock YouTube Using Browser Extensions


Suppose you can’t afford to purchase a VPN to watch blocked YouTube videos. Then, we highly recommend you use a VPN browser extension. Even though it does not have the advanced feature that VPN software has, these add-ons will help you view any YouTube videos restricted in your area. Another thing about browser extensions is they are free and so easy to use.

6. Unblock YouTube by Modifying the URL


The easiest way to watch YouTube blocked videos is by modifying the URL. Most of the network administrators only block the hypertext protocol version of the main URL of YouTube. By doing this method, you can bypass the firewall that blocks your network from a restricted country.

However, this method will always not work, especially the ones that are highly protected or encrypted. You can try modifying the URL of YouTube by adding an “S” on the HTTP. It will look like “” instead of “”

7. Save YouTube Video Directly

Another method to view YouTube videos blocked in the country is by downloading them directly. That being said, DoremiZone Video Downloader Pro is a great tool to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, and other 100 popular video sharing sites. It also has lots of features, like it can turn YouTube videos into audio format. Aside from that, DoremiZone Video Downloader Pro can save videos in 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, and 8k if the video supports it.

Extra tips:

  • ● This tool has a “Batch download” feature that allows you to save multiple videos simultaneously.
  • ● Also, you can download subtitles for the movie video you downloaded.
  • ● This tool has a built-in search browser to look for the blocked YouTube video directly on the program.
  • ● You can download multiple videos with the quick YouTube downloader. Enter one or multiple videos and hit Download to save the videos all at once.
  • ● You can pause the downloading process and resume it later. Helpful when you need to go out for a while when you are downloading a video.
  • ● This video downloader is available on PC, Mac, and Android.

To know how to use this tool, we have listed the detailed steps that you can read below. To begin with, install the DoremiZone Video Downloader Pro for free now.

Doremi Video Downloader

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  • for Windows 10/8/7
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Step 1. Get the link of the blocked YouTube video

Copy and paste the YouTube video link

Next, go to YouTube and find the blocked video that you want to download. Then, copy its link and paste it into the search bar or the DoremiZone Video Downloader Pro. After that, click the “+” button beside the URL bar to search.

Step 2. Download the blocked YouTube video

Select the format and quality to download

Once analyzed, the DoremiZone Video Downloader Pro will show you the video within the “Search” tab. From there, click the “More” drop-down button to see the available video and audio format. You may also find the supported quality of the video. Choose your preferred format and quality, and click the “Download” button to start downloading the video. You can check the download progress within the “Downloading” section.


Please don’t feel bad when a video is blocked on YouTube, and don’t let you watch it.

How to unblock YouTube? There are many methods you can try, which this article has.

If you are a heavy YouTube user, it is advisable to save videos to your local folder with the Video Downloader Pro.

Doremi Video Downloader

Download HD videos from 1,000+ sites

  • for Windows 10/8/7
  • for macOS 10.13+
  • for Android

Don’t forget the main reason why uploaders or YouTube itself blocks the video from some countries. To say, watch these blocked YouTube videos cautiously because they might have content that is not suitable for all viewers.

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